Safeguard Your Workplace
Intelligence Beyond Human Vision
Safeguard your workplace and complement your premise's security with Konica Minolta #MOBOTIX thermal cameras. 
  • High-quality smart IP cameras and thermographic technology
  • Provides live monitoring
  • Enables detection of unusual occurrences like temperature or motion beyond predefined ranges for preventive measure
The thermal scanners are based on the modular M16 and S16 series and can be complemented by a high-resolution image sensor module, if desired.
  • Compact design and flexible installation options
  • Also includes intelligent MOBOTIX video functions. Objects are detected through the MxActivitySensor with almost perfect accuracy. 
  • Able to send messages automatically as long as the temperature in the defined exposure window deviates from the standard range.
  • Extremely effective in detecting life-threatening heat sources early on
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Suitable Applications for Various Sectors


Prevent school violence and vandalism with detailed video images

IP video door with hemispheric camera to help ensure authorised individuals and parents gain access.

Video Management System
Video camera images in control room 24/7 through simple internet browser. Multiview function allows simultaneous viewing of all transferred images as well as exact close look of each camera.


Capture vehicle license plates and customers visit premises. Highly premise event-controlled recording and the convenient display of the camera images in the web browser.


Monitor people count activity and enhance security in high traffic areas like entrance, exit or parking.

Track Incidents and Unusual Occurrences 
Thermal detector to measure the thermal radiation of objects
 and persons and work in complete darkness and detect whether there really are authorised persons on the premises.

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Deployment is easy and efficient. Here are some examples of implemented Mobotix Thermal Cameras in Singapore:
Schneider Electric Singapore
Singapore Business Federation Building (SBF)
NTUC Income Building